HRO Advisory

We design, create and manage tailor-made projects for all HRO processes that have the aim of developing the company’s Human Capital.

We support the HRO function in defining its people vision to support the company strategy and review, or build from scratch, the HR processes aimed at improving the Employee Experience and Engagement of Human Resources: Employer Branding, Performance Management, Rewarding/Welfare .

We provide Fractional Manager services with qualified professionals capable of:

  • build a management and development strategy for the company’s Human Capital;
  • support the development of skills (Upskilling and Reskilling) of HR team, through a structured Mentoring approach.


We support companies and people to face moments of cultural change and organizational transformation.


We design and implement every HR process capable of supporting the company strategy and vision while maintaining the focus on Employee Experience, Human Resources Engagement and the development of skills and leadership.


We provide Fractional Manager services.


When we talk about corporate Engagement, we are referring to the degree of involvement of a company's employees with respect to the role they hold and the company itself, its mission and its values.


We build projects aimed at analyzing internal and external perceptions with respect to company policies and initiatives in terms of DE&I.