& Business Coaching

We have Individual and team Coaching programs, structured to help guided reflection to move with awareness towards the desired results.

Our team integrates Coaching as a fundamental tool in accelerating organizational change, able to exploit  the potential of individuals to achieve a shared goal.

The Coach (ICF ACC – Associate Certified) establishes a partnership with the client (defined as Coachee) and, through a creative process, stimulates his reflection with the aim of maximizing his personal and professional potential.

In this path, the Coach work closely the client to solicit different point of view and to observe the situation the Coachee is experiencing from other perspectives. The scope is to find and implement new possibilities, skills and strategies which, if pursued, will lead the Coachee to achieve the defined result and to learn from experience.

When providing Executive
& Business Coaching?

Coaching competence fall within the broader dimension of people management and facilitate a culture feedback oriented.

Coaching approach helps the Manager and the Team to recognize their leadership style with a view to continuous improvement.

Coaching methodology supports the Manager and the Team in guiding and orienting people towards the achievement of individual, team and organizational performance in inclusive ways.

Coaching modality facilitates the comparison and cohesion between different experiences and corporate functions.

Our Executive & Business Coaching Programs:

  • Managerial development
  • Potential development
  • Change of role/promotion
  • Induction of new hires
  • Leadership development
  • Harmonization and integration of a new team
  • Team building
  • Group facilitation