Since 2021

NoDoubt is
a Benefit Company

The Benefit Companies represent an evolution of the business, allowing to combine profitability with sustainability.

Being Benefit

Choosing to become, and therefore be, a Benefit Company allowed us to combine productivity with sustainable action, thus having a positive impact on the community and the environment.

The law

Benefit companies were introduced in Italy with the Law n. 208 of 28 December 2015 (Stability Law 2016).
Italy was the first European country to implement legislation on benefit companies.


Since 2022, NoDoubt has joined Assobenefit, the association of Italian Benefit Companies.


for us is important

It preserves nature and we...

  • Plant trees and adopt Bees
  • Are Carbon Neutral
  • Encourage use of recycled material and bio product

It is good for our Hearts and we...

  • Support associations
  • Believe in Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Give people priority

It improves work life balance and we...

  • Have time for personal empowerment
  • Believe in healthy behaviors (sport, food)
  • Support green mobility

Benefit = transparent

To meet the transparency requirements of the legislation, Benefit Companies are required to prepare the annual impact report to be attached to the financial statements and published on the corporate website.

Impact Report

Impact Report