NoDoubt is, by law, a Benefit Company


Benefit companies have been introduced in Italy with Law no. 208 of December 28, 2015 (Legge di Stabilità 2016). Italy was the first European country to implement a regulation on benefit companies. In Italy, a benefit company is not a new type of business organization but is a qualification that any type of company can decide to obtain by amending the corporate purpose in its articles of association.  

This means that a company can become a benefit company without the need to obtain any certification from a public authority or another third party. 

The purpose of the Italian law was to promote the establishment and growth of companies that pursue one or more objectives considered to be “common benefits”, in addition to the typical purpose of distributing dividends to its shareholders by carrying out their economic activities.  

As Benefit Company, NoDoubt has decided to operate in a responsible, sustainable and transparent manner vis-à-vis individuals, communities, territories and the environment, cultural and social heritage, entities and associations as well as all other stakeholders.  

This is important to us, why?

It preserves nature and we..

- Plant trees and adopt Bees

- Encourage use of recycled material and bio product

- Are a paper less Company 


It is good for our Hearts and we..

- Support associations for Autism, Healthy Food, Arts

- Believe in Diversity and Inclusion 

- Care for people "with people, for people" 

It improves overall worklife balance and we..

- Have time for personal empowerment

- Believe in healthy behaviours (sport, food)

- Support employees green mobility 




Benefit Companies are required to submit an Impact Report in which annually indicate a series of objectives with respect to the specific purposes set within their statute.

Here you can download NoDoubt's Sustainability Report. 

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