NoDoubt is born to become a professional HR Advisory Consultancy and a House for the team. For People, with People.

“I have started my path in HR in 1998 and after 18 years in this arena, in 2015 I have decided to found an independent consulting company, NoDoubt, to satisfy the requests of some customers for the structuring and implementation of projects, highly customized and outside the standards.

Meantime, I have  continued my collaboration as Senior Partner with important international networks.

NoDoubt was, somehow, born in Greece. A Greek friend and true  citizen of the world, one night at dinner, spoke to me about his idea of distinctive value of consulting.

A consultant is chosen to make the difference, not doubts (NoDoubt). Someone who can guarantee the best of services, tools, methodology, practices, information, analysis and data, being in partnership but working independently with our company. Everything a company, and a candidate, can use to have tools and information to make the best choice.

Over the years, a group of qualified Senior Consultants have joined NoDoubt, with the same philosophy towards human resources, a smart  team related to innovation.”

Consuelo Pizzo

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