With people, for people


NoDoubt was born in 2015 from the idea of approaching consultancy and the world of HR services in a new way. We can count on an excellent database, a consolidated network, latest digital tools, deep knowledge of the market and the organizations we deal with, complex Assessment methodology and tools. At the same time what we want to bring to our customers is a way of working that can add value through innovation and communication contributing to a more effective interaction with people.


We work in areas such as Life Sciences, Consumer and Retail, Wellness, Digital & IT, Manufacturing & Engineering, F&B,, Fashion. Finance, thanks to a team of senior professionals  who combine Talent Management experience, Assessment Qualification, OD expertise, deep knowledge of the sector and roles, HR branding levers, digital mindset. 


We can provide different service lines: Talent Acquisition, Start-up projects, Human Capital. Under Organization and People Development we can spam including BI of new functions competencies, organizational mapping, Assessment & Development Center, 360 °, job description of new roles, focus group for reputation assessment, advisory on performance management, client satisfaction analysis of welfare and rewarding system. We have an internal Communication and Digital team supporting to build a slide kit for each Client to allow a dedicated presentation of company’s distinctive value, its HR culture, reputation and sustainability.

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