There is a strong discussion about doing recruiting or talent acquisition.

What is our expertise?

We do both, right and reverse of the same coin. We can support to fill in recruiting needs and general vacancies as well as we can support companies in a medium- long term process to set up and to identify key talents and high potential candidates.

We cooperate with each client to establish deep and long-lasting partnership and we act as ambassador with the same energy and commitment we put every day in our own company. It is crucial to understand the client style, the plans, values, culture, team spirit.

We work closely with the client to define the best strategy and profile and to deepen the personal style and the cultural fit. We are able to use all the modern channels and search tools, web, network, social professional, blogs, references, direct search, professional platforms.

We work by inclusion and our evaluations are done by integrity and transparency. We do believe in out of the box thinking to continuously stretch our market knowledge to unconventional profiles.

Each candidate is interviewed on main relevant key factors: professional background and results, organizational relations, leadership style, and people management, strategic vision and business understanding, technical skills, organizational savvy, communication, project management, learning agility, motivational drivers. We do pay attention to fit and company alignment

For each assignment we appoint a partner.

For each assignment we set up a specific communication scheme – digital slide kit to present the client, the role and the general topics of the project.