Thanks to the support of a Coach (ICF ACC – Associate Certified Coach), the Human Capital practice is strengthened, integrating Coaching as a guided reflection to find solutions, a training to move with awareness towards the desired results.


The Coach establishes a partnership with the client (defined as Coachee) and, through a creative process, stimulates his reflection with the aim of maximizing his personal and professional potential.


In this path, the Coach accompanies the client to observe himself and to observe the situation he is experiencing from other perspectives, he trains him to find and implement new possibilities, skills and strategies which, if pursued, will lead him to achieve the defined result and to learn from his experience.


The belief that guides this process is that the client has all the resources to find what is best for himself, and must be mainly accompanied in their identification, guiding him in the process but preserving his responsibility for the content.


Executive and Business Coaching can be used in various areas, such as:


- managerial development

- potential development

- change of role

- induction of new hires

- leadership

- new team

- team building

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