& Development

We sustain change by working and supporting structures, culture, processes and with ad hoc projects for the strategic talent you need.

With people, for people: people drive change

We have set up, developed and managed projects as Client Partners, taking into account the purpose, culture and operating model of companies.

Our expertise

Analizziamo le competenze all’interno dell’organizzazione

Mappiamo le abilità funzionali e quelle distintive

Osserviamo i gruppi di lavoro all’interno delle dinamiche organizzative per allineare i profili lavorativi, le responsabilità e le attività svolte

We organize and manage group or individual projects to assess motivational drivers, factors of engagement, cultural fit and requirements for change.

Our distinctive traits

  • Strong alignment to size/purpose of the organization
  • Integrated feedback and feed forward
  • Wide panel of tools: role playing, business game, LGD, in basket, tests and questionnaires
  • Analytical reporting
  • Hogan certified 
  • Additional Qualified Senior Assessors with Psychology Degree
  • Coach ICF certified

NoDoubt is Hogan Assessment System Certified


Hogan Assessment System is a multifunctional tool, which can reduce turnover & increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing talent, and evaluating leadership potential into the best environment the person will strive to create.

  • Provides strategic self-awareness
  • Pinpoints and develops high-potential employees
  • Increases productivity through personality
  • Analyzes team strengths, weaknesses, and values
  • Measures ability to learn from past experience
  • Creates personality-based safety development plans
  • Eliminate bias during hiring
  • Minimize turnover
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Build a highly qualified workforce
  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Create a strong organizational culture

Our consultancy is finalized to analyze, complete and integrate assessment projects in Talent Advisory.

NoDoubt: HR Advisory isn’t a dices game, thanks to performance and data driven tools it can be based on science.