I am a very curious person and this is the reason why I have studied Philosophy and have spent the most part of my life travelling and meeting people. I was 18yo when I had my first travel with my backpack around Europe, sleeping on station floor and eating once a day.

I can express my continuous need of news and interests ranging on movies, books, theatres, music, food and wines, travelling, politics, sports, fashion. And what is better than talking hours with good friends drinking a glass of red wine? Or what about a rock concert to shake your head?

I love big cities mess but I really feel my soul in peace when I am in desert land and magnificent nature, sand or ice, energizing from nobody’s out there.

I have the best life mate I could ever wish for getting old and I would like to find a small place just for us, in front of the sea.

A little life

The Corrections

Pulp Fiction

Depeche Mode



New York


Believing in work-life balance, I feel myself as a satisfied working woman, a life partner and a mum. This last experience has given me the opportunity to grow and face weaknesses and fears as I didn’t expect. Someone says it’s the most difficult and wonderful “job”, especially if you are used to be highly committed.

If you leave me in a book shop, you will probably never see me again: I can spend hours looking for books for me, friends and my family. I love to choose the right gift for the right person and I am used to pamper/spoil my closer friends.

They say I’m direct, reliable and stubborn. I like it, don’t you think?

I have fun with playing team sports: I was a volleyball player (lifter) and I still love it whenever on the beach.

I’m an Autism Association supporter: the best way to grow with inclusion and diversity. That’s why I always try to have a multicultural approach: I have lived in France for 3 years (Paris, Grenoble) and I have studied Anthropology with Japanese Culture and Literature address.

My daily mood starts with “Give always people a smile even if you don’t have a reason”: positive and shining attitude should help getting a better world.

When Nietzsche Wept

Barney’s Version

The power of the dog

The Shawshank Redemption

A modo tuo

Persian Rice




I was born in a place with 1300 habitants. Too small for a curious mind, but perfect to grow up wild and free. Here is where I started loving animals - cats mainly - and where I discovered that milk comes from cows, I was 2yo.

I love animals to the point I’ve 13 tattoos representing cats, foxes, a crow, a deer, a horse. Esthetic is fundamental to me and is printed all over my body.

I’ve tattooed a small snowflake in the middle of my chest, close to my hearth, to recall the time I’ve lived in Sweden and all the travels I’ve made with my parents in the Northern Countries.
My friends always called me the Icy Queen; my former Chief used to nickname me Yuki - snow in Japanese – because of my unconditional love for North and the way I approach people physically, but I’m not that cold.

I’m a cry baby. Even if I’m addicted to Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Thriller movies, whenever it comes to other categories, well that’s my bad!

Invisible Cities

Forrest Gump

Dancing in the moonlight




Running is more than a passion… it’s the chance to prove myself and achieve results, it’s a way to relax and push stress away, it’s the possibility to feel fit and healthy, but above all it’s a moment of freedom to share with friends. This is for me the meaning of “run for fun”.
I’m also a creative person and I enjoy to express myself making handcraft jewels: necklaces, bracelets and in particular earrings. I love materials like silver and stones and I’m always looking for sources of inspiration and new trends to create something original and elegant.
But above all, I’m mother of 2 wonderful children and wife of a perfect husband; for sure I couldn’t stay without them, at home, travelling, or simply going to “my best place to be” at Garda Lake.
And as well, I’m addicted to my friends and I really enjoy to spend my time with them, having fun and relax.
I’ve a positive attitude, I always try to see bright side of things and to be supportive and help people. And I’m tenacious… always! in running and in life…

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Blade Runner
When Harry met Sally


Apple Pie


New York


I always felt like I belong to two places: the city where I was born and my favorite place on hearth in Sicily. This dichotomy has characterized my whole life.

I almost love everything of my city, its chaos, its noises. This is the place where I grew up having the chance of discovering the world, meet amazing people, having fun with friends and starts my professional path…

But over there I discovered the pleasure of enjoying small things: a short run to get into the sea, the feel of the salt and the sun on my skin, the joy of staring at my grandma cooking in her small kitchen.

All of these made me realize that what I love the most is take a breath on the seaside, cooking in the same small kitchen in Sicily, looking outside my window and staring at the sea, its colors and its waves.

All of these made me the person that I am.

Jane Eyre

Pearl Harbor

Stop crying your heart out


Patti Marina (ME)


Being born in Sardinia allowed me to know and immediately savour the freedom that, combined with a curious mind, pushed me to go away, to discover everything beyond the sea and then to return, when the chaotic life of city oppresses me, and I need wind and silence.

I am an exuberant, optimistic and reflective person, intrigued by otherness and by everything I don’t know. I love talking and listening to others, cooking, eating, being surrounded by the people I love, by those who endure and support me every day, and by my dog. But I'm fine and I'm at peace even alone: on a board in the snow, with a beautiful song, or in the middle of the waves.

Among the things that make me happy, sweets, books, a basketball game and a good cocktail cannot be missing!

Sein und Zeit

The Shawshank Redemption

The Truman Show

I’m your man


Cheese naan

Berlin / Unguja

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